Alberta — SkyFire Energy announced that David Vonesch will be stepping into the role of CEO, succeeding David Kelly, who is taking the first step towards retirement after 23 remarkable years of leadership.

David Kelly will continue to support the business through his new role of Founder as he transitions away from a full-time role by the end of 2024 and towards retirement within the next few years.

Kelly’s journey began in 2001 when he installed a 600 Watt solar photovoltaic (PV) system on his home, one of Canada’s earliest grid-tied solar systems. Convinced of solar power’s potential to be environmentally beneficial and a one-day cost-effective energy source, Kelly started installing solar as Sedmek Inc. in 2001 and formed SkyFire with partners Tim Schulhauser and David Vonesch in 2008.

SkyFire has since installed thousands of residential solar power systems and many of the largest and most complex commercial and industrial solar PV systems in Western Canada.

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SkyFire Energy Inc. is Western Canada’s leading solar contractor. Since 2001, it has designed and installed over 6000 grid-connected and off-grid solar power systems throughout Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon.

Kelly has been a pioneering industry figure, having served four terms on the board of the national industry association CanSIA (now CanREA) and advocating for solar and renewable energy across Canada.

Vonesch started working in solar energy in 2007 and partnered with Kelly to position SkyFire as Western Canada’s leading design-build solar contractor for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects as well as a leading Operations and Maintenance (O&M) provider to the utility-scale sector. As a Professional Engineer, Vonesch has played a pivotal role in numerous high-profile solar projects throughout Canada.

His commitment to sustainability and innovation will lead SkyFire to new horizons while maintaining the company’s focus on client satisfaction and environmental stewardship.

Together, Kelly and Vonesch built SkyFire into an industry leader recognized for its innovative approach, technical excellence, client-centric focus, and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

“Leading SkyFire has been the honour of my career. I never dreamed that my passion for solar would lead us here, but I am grateful to my team and community for their steadfast commitment to helping SkyFire become what it is today. I am confident that under David Vonesch’s leadership, SkyFire will continue to thrive and uphold the principles that have guided us for over two decades. His vision and dedication will boldly lead this company into its next chapter, seizing new opportunities and leading the way in solar energy,” said David Kelly.

“It is a privilege to step into this role and build on the incredible legacy David Kelly has established. I am committed to advancing our mission to relentlessly lead the solar industry to benefit our community and future generations. As a Certified B Corporation, SkyFire will continue to innovate and lead the solar industry by putting our clients, employees and the planet first.” stated David Vonesch.

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