Solar water pump in operation. Source: NE (n.y.)
Solar water pump in operation. Source: NE (n.y.)

Water pumping systems are used for water supply and irrigation. In most cases, these utilize unsustainable energy sources such as fossil fuels.

To reach deep groundwater reserves, diesel generated electricity is used in rural villages to power electric water pumps despite its high maintenance and diesel fuel requirements.

Even though photovoltaic water pumping (PVP) is ready for mainstreaming, its benefits remain largely unknown to communities, governments, and development institutions.

H/T: The World Bank

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  1. Great stuff. I am wondering if there is a battery storage component to the solar harvesting to supply continuous energy to the pump? The Canadus devise would maintain this battery for twice or three times the normal battery life & capacity. A very simple way to support the folks relying on the water from the system. It may also provide a solution for pump size since power would be available all the time.

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