Solar technicians inspect panels at a Pacific Gas and Electric Solar Plant, in Dixon, Calif. in this file photo. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Members of the US International Trade Commission (ITC) have made three different recommendations for restricting solar panel and solar cell imports to the US.

These range from an immediate 30 percent tariff on all imported solar modules to a four-year quota system that allows the import of up to 8.9 gigawatts of solar cells and modules in the first year.

The ITC made a preliminary finding in September that domestic solar manufacturers had been harmed by cheap imports after a complaint brought by bankrupt Georgia-based producer Suniva Inc in April, says another Reuters article.

“The US solar industry let out a collective sigh of relief” as the ITC’s recommendations were less than half what Suniva Inc requested, says Bloomberg.

Other US solar companies had been bracing for higher duties, which they said would have disrupted the $29bn industry, stifling installations and triggering job cuts.

Trump will make a final decision on the restrictions later this year.

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