New single unit solar panel integrates battery storage, inverter, and smart software

Its smart, stores energy, and even talks

A four-year-old startup called SunCulture Solar, led by entrepreneur and inventor Christopher Estes, has developed a solar device that integrates solid state batteries directly into the solar panels. It incorporates smart sensors and software wirelessly linking it to a computing hub and cell phone app.

The company calls it SolPads.

The unit offers its users the ability to not only generate their own clean electricity, but to also store it for use after dark or during peak demand times, when electricity costs are higher.

World famous advertising photographer Hunter Freeman uses SolPad in Yosemite.

As far as applicability goes, we know they could be endless from using it on outdoor hikes to camping but what peeked my interest is watch this lady cook breakfast with this device.

SolPad Portable Solar AC Micro-Grid – Makes Breakfast

“SolPad revolutionizes personal energy by bringing together the sustainable smart home, solar and energy storage into a simple, gorgeous and integrated device,” said Christopher Estes, CEO and Chief Product Architect at SunCulture Solar, Inc., designer and manufacturer of SolPad. “SolPad also makes solar even more accessible for the majority of the global population and its growing energy needs, without the cost of building expensive grid infrastructure. With our groundbreaking component miniaturization and integration, we’ve transformed solar–much like the smartphone revolutionized the personal computer sector–combining numerous components into a single device that’s significantly less expensive, more powerful, and easier to use than conventional systems.”

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