Based in Toronto, Solar X is a full-service solar provider of solar products and services to any residential, small business, or commercial property across Canada.

Ontario — Solar X, a Canadian residential and commercial solar contractor specializing in aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting system designs announces it has received the “Best Solar Panel Installer” award from Corporate Vision.

Solar X topped the 2022 Canadian Business Awards list because of the company’s installation practices and exceptional performance in the areas of business growth and innovation. The award also recognizes the company’s commitment to fostering employee engagement, promoting work-life balance, embracing diversity and offering an exceptional workplace for its employees.

“At the core of Solar X’s success is its team. This team earned the company this recognition,” said Founder and Managing Director Bilal Jarmakani. “Solar X is composed of stellar individuals who share the same values and work ethic, which allows us to realize our mutual goal to build a brighter future for our community and our clientele across Canada.”

This award is the latest in a series of similar honours for the company’s young founder, who only last year, received Canada’s Clean 50 Emerging Leader 2022 award and has been honoured with invitations to speak at numerous events — one of which was the “The Globe and Mail” Climate Change and the Circular Economy Forum. He was also featured in a CBC Radio segment where he spoke about that company’s solar panel recycling program.

Solar X had a humble beginning as it was only four years ago that Mr. Jarmakani used two credit cards to launch the solar startup with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing Canada’s solar industry. Today, the company is well established across multiple provinces. With this award and growing recognition, it’s becoming clear that the company is quickly approaching the goals set out by Mr. Jamakani at its inception.

“We are proud to receive this award and we commit to continued delivery of quality systems and services adding value to our clients,” added Mr. Jarmakani. “We are also committed to being inclusive and encourage talent from all backgrounds to join us on our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

About Solar X
Based in Toronto, Solar X is a full-service solar provider of solar products and services to any residential, small business, or commercial property across Canada.

The company offers Canadian-made alternatives to Tesla’s solar shingles and other unique products such as solar trim, EV Chargers, sleek all-black panels, and twelve different battery options for off-grid or backup storage solutions that are built for Canadian weather conditions and integrate seamlessly into existing roof structures.

To learn more about Solar X, visit solar-x[dot]ca

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