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California — Solarcycle announced the launch of its new technology-driven recycling platform designed to maximize solar sustainability.

The company, based in Northern California, was founded by a diverse team from Solaria, NEXTracker, Sierra Club and the University of New South Wales. It aims to partner with solar asset owners looking for a comprehensive, low-cost and sustainable solution to their end-of-life system needs.

Solarcycle is launching its operations with Sunrun as its first partner.

The company is using second-life panels from Sunrun to innovate and develop new ways to test, reuse and upcycle the retired solar panels in Sunrun’s project portfolio. This partnership will pave the way for a scalable solution that will be available to the entire industry by year’s end.

“As Sunrun deploys PV systems at the scale needed to confront the climate crisis, we’ve embraced the responsibility and opportunity of managing the full lifecycle of our hardware,” said Mary Powell, CEO, Sunrun. “We are committed to sustainable end-of-life processes and excited to partner with an innovative company that shares our vision and is dedicated to creating a circular supply chain for the solar industry.”

“We’re proud to be leveraging the engineering and operational excellence we’ve learned from manufacturing modules and applying that to giga-scale PV recycling. In doing so, we’re bolstering a circular economy that reuses existing domestic materials and minerals, and enhances the entire solar supply chain. We’re thrilled to be working with Sunrun-a sophisticated company that shares our mission of ensuring a renewable and resilient energy future- as our strategic partner,” said Suvi Sharma, Solarcycle’s co-founder and CEO.

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