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California — SolarEdge announced the commercial availability of the SolarEdge Energy Bank residential battery in North America.

SolarEdge says the DC-coupled battery provides 9.7kWh of backup power and can be connected in parallel with up to eight additional batteries for a total of nine, delivering up to 87kWh of backup capacity, while offering future compatibility with third-party generators.

SolarEdge also announced the availability of its new SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter models ranging from 7.6kW up to 11.4kW PV power and 10.3kW backup power, with 200% DC oversizing to deliver higher energy yield for the home.

The Energy Hub high backup power inverters simplify installations by reducing the need for Main Panel Upgrades (MPU), and shorten installation time by connecting wirelessly with the SolarEdge Energy Bank battery and a variety of smart energy devices, including the SolarEdge Home EV Charger.

Both the SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter and the SolarEdge Energy Bank battery are part of the new SolarEdge full residential solution called “SolarEdge Home”, an intelligent smart energy management system that allows homeowners to better manage and monitor solar energy production, consumption and backup storage in real time.

The SolarEdge Home system is controlled from the mySolarEdge mobile app, which helps prioritize loads based on homeowner preferences, and applies smart algorithms that aid economical decision-making while taking into account external factors, such as weather events.

“The need for reliable, home backup power has never been greater,” said Peter Mathews, General Manager of SolarEdge, North America. “We developed an integrated solar and battery solution that allows for simpler and faster installation time and enables homeowners to power more of their everyday lives with clean, renewable energy.”

The SolarEdge Energy Bank battery and the new SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter models are now available to order in North America.

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