Which U.S States Care More Than Others About Our Planet?

It’s Easy Being Green.

Across the nation, Americans are going green – and they’re heading online for more information. Even their search results prove it, as they type in terms such as “how to save energy,” “eco-friendly,” and “electric cars.”

SaveOnEnergy researched action phrases people may search for when looking into certain environmentally friendly activities; then they used Google Trends to rank the results by topic and state. Here are the interesting – and sometimes surprising – results.

1. Reusing

Old bottles can become candleholders; empty egg cartons can store holiday ornaments. Reusing is all the rage for eco-conscious Americans. When it comes to the phrase “how to reuse,” a high cost of living may explain the top two results: California took the lead, followed by Hawaii. Washington State, Georgia, and Utah rounded out the top five.
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  1. Top states for solar power is clearly wrong. Using per capita or the other measures used is a mistake. CA clearly stands heads and shoulders above VT, UT, NV, ID in all ways that actually count. CA is the heart (and most of the body) of the US Solar market. It is the leader and continues to be the most important and top solar state by any reasonable measure. Clearly HI would be #2.

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