According to a brief report on GreentechLead, Sungrow had the largest market share in Australia of all Chinese solar inverter manufacturers last year.

Sungrow says it quadrupled shipments of residential solar inverters into Australia in 2015 – around 50 megawatts.

All up, 100MW of Sungrow solar inverters have arrived on our shores to date. Based on an average system size of 4kW, this is the equivalent to supporting approximately 25,000 solar power systems.

The company’s president, Renxian Cao, said the Australian residential solar market will continue to be a focus for Sungrow in 2016 and the company is also eyeing the nation’s growing commercial solar sector.

Sungrow solar inverters are featured in Energy Matters’ Performance range of residential systems. Reliable, efficient and robust, Sungrow solar inverters offer features more commonly found in units with a higher price tag. The inverters are also very quiet – 30dB noise level, which is quieter than a household refrigerator and around the same level as a whisper.

More than 24GW of Sungrow inverters have been installed around the world to date. Collectively, these could process 31 billion kilowatt-hours of green electricity annually; avoiding more than 25 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

In addition to manufacturing inverters for residential and commercial projects, the company also supplies utility-scale solar farms. In May, Sungrow announced it had provided its 1MW SG1000MX central inverter solution to the 30 megawatts Red Horse 3 solar project in Willcox, Arizona.

Founded in 1997, Sungrow raced up the rankings of inverter manufacturers to reach number 5 in 2011 and the company says it currently has 10% of the global inverter market. According to a recent IHS report, the company averaged around 6% of the global inverter market during the period 2012-2015.

As well as having a major presence in China (30% market share) and Germany (20%), the company has also made major inroads into the UK, where 100MW of its inverters were connected to the grid in the first quarter of this year. This takes Sungrow’s total installations in the UK to more than 260 MW.

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