Tesla cuts prices on all models, reveals production numbers

Tesla Inc announced production numbers for last quarter, as well as a price cut on all its models.

The company said on Wednesday it had produced 61,394 Model 3s and delivered nearly 1,000 vehicles per day in the fourth quarter. The company also said it delivered a total of 245,240 vehicles, including 145,846 Model 3s and 99,394 Model S and X in 2018.

More interesting to consumers is the company’s announcement regarding pricing. The Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X base prices will all drop by $2,000. This is an effort to counteract the reduction of the federal tax credit available for Tesla vehicles. Because the company passed the 200,000-unit threshold for the full $7,500 credit, the credit has been reduced to $3,750 for six months starting this year. As such, the Model 3 drops from $46,000 to $44,000, the Model S goes to $76,000 from $78,000, and the Model X is reduced to $82,000 from $84,000. These prices are all before the $3,750 tax credit.

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