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California — Tigo Energy announced the launch of its Pure Signal™ technology for Tigo RSS Transmitters.

The technology is designed to enhance powerline communication (PLC) signal quality and reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference in large-scale solar systems.

Tigo built it on its rapid shutdown technology and says it delivers a new design and flexibility for solar installers and EPCs.

The company also says it enables significant reductions in balance of system (BOS) and labour costs.

The transmitter technology is designed to serve Tigo customers who deploy increasingly large and complex systems for the commercial and industrial solar markets. Disturbances in PLC signals, often referred to as ‘crosstalk,’ can reduce the effectiveness of system communications functions in large-scale systems.

“The Pure Signal technology helped us avert a significant amount of rework after a design review showed that some of our cable runs could be at risk of crosstalk issues,” said Mike Ulanski, director of construction at Catalyze. “Without the ability to put the new Tigo RSS Transmitter into play quickly, the timeline and profitability of the project would have taken a hit. Tigo’s installation guidelines and design review have been extraordinarily helpful, but this Pure Signal technology gives us much more flexibility at both design and install phases.”

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