Tiny house / cottage for sale - Northern Ontario. (Kijiji)

Located only 6 minutes from the town of Iroquois Falls, the tiny home is nestled in a stunning pine forest, where according to the sellers, the air smells of wild blueberries in August.

It’s the total off-gride package!

With four 240W solar panels, a 12Volt inverter and 4 Schneider batteries, there’s no need for a generator April through October. During low sunlight months, the backup generator helps charge the batteries to power the tiny house.

Meanwhile, the heater, washer and dryer, stove, oven, and water heater are all powered by propane.

You can either purchase and relocate the tiny house on wheels or lease the land for an additional $350 per month.


Photo collage ( by pvbuzz) of the tiny Northern Ontario solar powered off-grid cottage.

Beautiful craftsmanship, featuring Cedar, Cypress and Pine

The home and 21ft deck are entirely built with stamped Redwood Cedar. The home’s exterior siding is Cypress, and the wooden walls in the interior are tongue and groove pine.

Fall asleep looking at the stars

According to the sellers, the home comfortably sleeps five. The primary loft fits a queen mattress and features two skylights. You can fall asleep to the stars and wake to the clouds rolling through the morning sky. Not a fan up being up with the sun? No worries, the skylights come with blackout shades.

The tiny home also has a day-bed in the living room that sleeps two and a secondary loft with a twin mattress.

Financing requires a personal loan

Interestingly, despite recent initiatives encouraging residents to consider adding laneway and garden homes (to help with the housing supply crises), many of these non-traditional homes don’t qualify for a mortgage. The seller advises interested parties will need a personal loan or cash to purchase this tiny home.

Set-up for year-round living in Northern Ontario

The tiny home has been insulated from top to bottom, and the sellers have been living in it full-time for the last five years. In addition, the main water line has a heat-line and heat-trace lines outside the main water line and the septic pipe as a backup. The Martin heater is brand new and keeps the home toasty warm in winter.

Storage Included

Two sheds are included, both sided with Cypress to match the house. Both sheds are 10X10, one suitable for dry storage and the other for seasonal equipment.

Having a landlord has its perks

If it’ll be your first time living off-grid in Northern Ontario, this is a unique opportunity to make the move while not taking on all of the associated responsibilities. The landlord covers water, septic, snow removal and land maintenance. Furthermore, all maintenance on pumps, the septic pump-out, tree removal etc. is the landlord’s responsibility. This would save you time and money each year.

Location sounds like a dream

The land available to lease has access to Siamese Twins Lake, a clear emerald spring-fed lake with fish like Bass and Pond Perch. On your brief walk to the lake, you’ll find wild blueberries, edible mushrooms, birch trees (that you can tap for syrup in spring) and numerous leaves for teas. It sounds like a forager’s dream home.

Sofia Martimianakis
Sofia is a writer who has public sector and renewable energy industry experience. She holds an HBA from the University of Toronto and an MA in English Literature from the University of Waterloo.

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