The Sandercock family embarked on an extraordinary journey when they purchased their charming 1951 story-and-a-half home nestled in the picturesque Highlands neighborhood of Edmonton.

Little did they know that their beloved post-war residence would present them with unexpected challenges related to energy efficiency and wastage. With the second story turning uncomfortably hot during the scorching summer months and the basement becoming unbearably cold in winter, the Sandercocks were determined to find sustainable solutions to improve their living conditions while reducing their environmental footprint.

In an era of soaring energy prices, climate change concerns, and the increasing frequency of severe weather events, their quest for energy efficiency and self-sufficiency became more relevant than ever.

David Dodge
David is an environmental journalist and a photojournalist and the host and producer of who He has worked for newspapers, published magazines, produced radio, and was the production manager for a Canadian nature publisher. He produced more than 350 award-winning EcoFile radio programs on sustainability for the CKUA Radio network.

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