Trina Solar starts mass-producing the 430W Vertex S—its ultra-high performance rooftop solar modules

China — Trina Solar‘s 210 Super Factory in Yiwu, China has officially begun mass producing the Vertex S 430W module, marking the modules’ start of full-scale production.

The estimated production capacity of the new Vertex series, including upgraded Vertex S and Vertex 580W this year will reach 10GW, a figure that is expected to more than double next year.

Trina says the modules will result in more global module shipments to meet the growing market demand, and deliver a superior green technology experience to customers and end-users worldwide as more zero-carbon solar roofs are built.

Since its release in April, the Trina Solar’s upgraded Vertex Series, with higher power yet lower LCOE, has drawn a lot of attention internationally and has been widely praised by customers.

The Vertex Series uses the latest 210R rectangular silicon wafer technology and innovative module design, boosting the single-module power by up to 30W, with Vertex S output power to 430W and Vertex 550W output power to 580W, achieving module efficiency of up to 21.8%.

Trina says this offers significant advantages over other similar products in the global distributed market.

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