US Solar industry braces for ITC phasedown while making case for another extension

The U.S. solar industry is beginning meticulous preparations for dealing with the phase-out of the federal investment tax credit (ITC). At the same time, voices calling for an extension of the ITC or a softening of its decline are getting louder.

“Climate change is topical thanks to the Green New Deal, among other things,” SunPower CEO Tom Werner said onstage Tuesday at Greentech Media’s Solar Summit in Phoenix. “We need to do something about climate change, and the most straightforward thing is to extend the ITC and the [wind] PTC.”

2019 is the last year that the solar industry can take advantage of the ITC’s full 30 percent value before it incrementally steps down to 10 percent in 2022 and beyond for commercial and utility projects. The credit drops to zero for residential installations in 2022.

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