Powerlily is an app for clean energy enthusiasts to view, share and compare their PV system performance data.

Nova Scotia / pvbuzz media — Watts Up Solar, a leading residential solar installer in the Nova Scotia market, unveils Powerlily, a user-friendly software platform for creating proposals for residential and commercial solar systems. The tool is designed to meet the unique needs of the Canadian solar industry.

Powerlily is set to transform the solar industry by addressing the critical need for streamlined, efficient and customizable proposal generation.

Launching on June 1st, Powerlily aims to address the shortcomings of other platforms, namely a contraction in high-definition imagery providers and a shift towards 3D designs that are not always suitable. Powerlily gives installers access to the four major imagery providers available in Canada and has a streamlined 2D design tool for quickly designing accurate, multivariate web quotes that can be customized, tracked, sent and signed all from one white-labelled company dashboard.

With Powerlily, installers can now quickly send precise and detailed solar proposals from their own custom domain, so their teams can keep pace with the lively and competitive residential solar market.


Screen capture highlighting various devices compatible with the Powerlily platform.

“The most valuable asset a solar company has is their brand. It carries with it the positive experiences of each of the lives they’ve touched with the work that they do every day,” said Tom Rendle, Director at Watts Up Solar LTD and Founder of Powerlily. “It’s hard to place the needed emphasis on this asset when your proposals look just like everybody else’s. With Powerlily, we’re empowering solar installers with a cutting-edge solution that overcomes this challenge, allowing them to streamline their sales process and deliver superior results.”

Powerlily distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy to use for teams of all skill levels. “We understand the importance of simplicity and affordability in empowering solar installers to succeed,” said Rendle. “With Powerlily, we’re not only providing a powerful tool but also ensuring that it remains accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size or budget.”

Powerlily is currently in beta, with an official launch scheduled for June 1st, 2024. If you are interested in experiencing Powerlily, the company invites you to join the waitlist.

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About Watts Up Solar:

Watts Up Solar is a leading provider of solar energy solutions based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Co-Founded by Tom Rendle, an industry veteran with a passion for innovation, Watts Up Solar is committed to driving the adoption of solar energy by empowering businesses and consumers alike.

About Powerlily:

Developed by a successful Canadian solar company operating in Nova Scotia, Powerlily puts a focus on speed, accuracy, brand impact and affordability, aiming to empower businesses to streamline their sales process and drive business growth.

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