Small business owners and veterans, farmers and educators, artists and community leaders from across the political, demographic and regional spectrum joined actors Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio at a pop-up event in the East Village to launch a national campaign that aims to make clean energy more accessible and affordable for 100% of the people.

“100% is for 100%,” said Mark Ruffalo, co-founder of the campaign. “Our first priority is to make clean energy more accessible and affordable for all people – increasing consumer demand and accelerating the growth of clean, efficient renewable energy.”

Starting in New York, and rolling out across the country, the 100% campaign will feature activities and events to drive demand. From a “100% Hotline” that provides clean energy concierge services to showcasing leadership and growing demand to policy work, the campaign aims to make it easier and cheaper for consumers to switch to clean energy.

100% will tell stories of clean energy leaders – from Main Street to Wall Street, from farmers to small business leaders, from homeowners to renters, across the demographic and political spectrum, and across New York and the country – who are following a clean energy path and finding the best of themselves.

“My story is not unusual. I was going down a pretty destructive path,” said Krystal Ruiz, SolarCorps construction fellow for GRID Alternatives. “What turned my life around? Finding purpose – making a difference. I went to work for GRID Alternatives and now I am helping to provide high-skilled job opportunities in my own backyard. It changed my life, and I want to help do that for others.” Ruiz is the subject of a 100% spotlight video – a compelling story of crisis and courage.

“History will recognize people like Krystal for what they are: leaders of a new era. The 100% campaign will honor them today,” commented Mark Ruffalo.

The 100% pop-up launch event in the East Village put the campaign’s magic on display: a five story tall mural by a street artist, banners showcasing clean energy leaders, solar powered pizza, new clean energy technologies, the 100% Hotline, celebrity stunts and more.

“100% is about changing the culture around clean energy,” said Mara Hoffman, fashion designer. “100% is going to spark a new conversation about what is possible, and open the way for all to achieve it.”

“100% clean energy is possible using today’s technologies and we have the science to prove it,” commented actor and philanthropist Leonardo DiCaprio. “But there are very real economic, regulatory and political barriers to adoption. That’s what this campaign is all about – addressing those barriers and making it easier and cheaper to move to clean energy for 100% of the people.”

A recent scientific study published by Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson analyzes renewable energy resources and the technical feasibility of powering each state across the country with 100% clean energy using today’s technologies.

100% aims to help consumers overcome barriers to adoption by identifying programs and partnerships that help make switching to clean energy easier and more affordable. For example, the 100% campaign is working in partnership with Domino, an energy concierge service that facilitates connections to clean energy providers, taking a customized approach for each individual and family, whether they rent an apartment in an urban high rise or own a house in a rural town or suburb.

“100% wants to kick in the domino effect,” said Domino CEO Stephen Torres. “By giving people the tools to get what they need and want. Everyone wants clean air, clean water. Everyone wants to save money. No one wants blackouts. We are excited to work with the campaign to provide the tools to get people these results.”

In a poll conducted by Clarity Campaign Labs, 77 percent of New Yorkers expressed support for renewable energy and 10 percent indicated they already use clean energy in some capacity. Sixty percent of those New Yorkers polled said they would like to adopt renewable energy use in their daily lives. Renewable energy sources like wind, hydropower, solar, geothermal and sustainable biomass already provide over 20 percent of all the energy that New Yorkers use for space heating, industrial processes and electric power.

While trends show all forms of renewable energy growing cheaper, there still can be up-front installation costs. The 100% campaign will help provide consumers with information about incentives and creative financing to make the initial investment affordable. The campaign also works with sector stakeholders to advance policy and other levers to bring costs and barriers to adoption down.

“Domino and the 100% campaign share a common goal: all clean energy consumers start saving money on day one,” added Mr. Torres.

“Installing solar at my family dairy farm has reduced our electricity costs by 100% and lowered our energy costs, making room in the budget for us to expand our cheesemaking operations,” said Alan Glustoff of 5 Spoke Creamery in Orange County. “Thanks to Energize NY’s affordable financing and support, we were able to undertake this project, which was cash flow positive from day one and will have paid for itself in six years.” Energize NY helps building owners unlock the energy savings in their buildings by offering support and financing for clean energy projects.

“Our goal is to help New York State homeowners and businesses improve the energy profile of their buildings,” said Mark Thielking, executive director of Energize NY. “We work with our member communities to realize the many benefits of reducing energy waste in local buildings – decreased personal and business spending on energy, enhanced profitability for local businesses, increased local economic activity and job creation, and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants associated with energy consumption,” explained Thielking.

The 100% launch event was powered by people wanting to give their 100%. “We’ve been looking for an opportunity to be involved in an effort like the 100% campaign. Corigin strives to give 100% to our tenants and the local community. All people deserve to live in clean, vibrant and thriving communities. It’s empowering and uplifting. We can make the world a better place, starting right here in New York City,” said Christopher Jett, director at the Corigin Real Estate Group. Corigin donated the wall for the 100% mural and helps support the community garden where today’s event took place.

Consistent with the 100% NY theme, Inward Point – a New York-based experience design and event production company – powered the event with 100% clean energy, a host of New York City street performers, and local, sustainable food and beverage vendors. The event was nearly zero waste and many of the materials were purchased from local female- and minority-owned businesses.

By making clean energy more accessible and affordable, the 100% campaign frees New Yorkers and Americans to reinvest in their top priorities, saving time and money to spend on what matters most to them.

“We see clean energy as a means to something greater for individuals and for all of us collectively,” commented Ruffalo. “It is not just about clean air and clean water – though that is critical. It is not just about our changing climate – though that is imperative. It is about building a world that frees people to invest in what matters most to them and brings out the best in people.”

Derick Lila
Derick is a Clark University graduate—and Fulbright alumni with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, and Policy. He has over a decade of solar industry research, marketing, and content strategy experience.

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