SeeNews Renewables — Fourteen photovoltaic (PV) power plants with a combined capacity of 268 MWp have started operation in Algeria in 2015, the director of the centre for development of renewable energies CDER, Noureddine Yassa said.

Last year saw the Shariket Kahraba wa Taket Moutadjadida enterprise or SKTM, an affiliate of Algeria’s state-owned utility Sonelgaz, step up the development of the photovoltaic projects, Yassa noted.

Most of the new facilities are located in the Algerian Highlands (or Hauts Plateaux), near the border with Morocco, or in the south of Algeria. More precisely, the solar power plants were built near the towns of M’sila, Djelfa, Souk-Ahras, El-Bayadh, Sidi-Bel Abbes, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Naama, Djanet, Adrar, Ain Salah, Tindouf, Tamanrasset, Ouargla and Laghouat.

The projects form part of Algeria’s programme for bringing online 400 MW of solar power in 20 parks, 13 of which are located in the Hauts Plateaux region, Yassa said.

The cost of all 14 projects was DZD 70 billion (USD 650m/EUR 600m). Each of them created 250 jobs during the construction and about 50 permanent jobs for the life-time operation and maintenance.

The solar power undertakings of SKTM are part of the first phase of the country’s goal of installing 4,500 MW of renewable power by 2020.

Last year was also marked by another significant event for the PV industry in Algeria — state-owned electronic components producer Entreprise nationale des industries electroniques (ENIE) opened a 25 MW production site for photovoltaic (PV) cells and panels.

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