APS Announces One of the Largest Battery Storage Initiatives in the U.S.

Customers of Arizona Public Service (APS) will soon power their homes and businesses with solar after sunset thanks to three major clean-energy initiatives.

APS will add battery storage to its existing fleet of solar power plants, build new solar plants with storage and use storage to deliver cleaner energy to customers at times of peak energy usage. As a result, APS customers will be able to use solar energy even after the sun goes down. Family dinners, prime-time television, and bedtime reading lights will all be powered by a cleaner energy mix.

APS already provides customers with an energy mix that is 50% clean and getting cleaner. These initiatives will add 850 MW of battery storage and at least 100 MW of new solar generation by 2025, for a total of 950 MW of new clean-energy technology.

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