Solar project opponents call PC green energy rhetoric a ‘boatload of BS’

After receiving what he thought were assurances that a controversial solar project would be canceled once a Progressive Conservative government came into power, John Kordas says he was shocked to see construction equipment on the farmland across the road from his property.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” said Kordas, who is part of a group of local residents opposing the construction of a 500-kilowatt solar project next door to his family farm near Port Hope.

He says over the past week, he’s seen an increase in activity on the site — gravel trucks and workers using augers and excavators.

“They’re completing what appears to be a Trans Canada Highway down the center of this farm.”

Kordas says he expected the Renesola GreenLife Solar Project #19 to be canceled by Ontario’s PC government along with the repeal of the previous Liberal government’s Green Energy Act.

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