Formally inaugurated last November at the Solar Power Plant Alt Daber in Brandenburg, BELECTRIC’s Energy Buffer Unit (EBU) has been successfully prequalified for 1.3MW frequency response by the transmission network operator (TNO) 50Hertz.

The Energy Buffer Unit is thus officially approved for the provision of the most important ancillary service for grid operation: frequency response.

From the Alt Daber location, the BELECTRIC EBU will assist in Germany-wide frequency control in the high voltage grid. Equipped with the latest storage technology, it constitutes a necessary component for a reliable grid operation, one that is increasingly influenced by renewable energies.

To be prequalified, a technical unit must demonstrate that it meets the TNO’s requirements for security of the supply of frequency response. New ground was broken for capacity-limited units (i.e. battery storage) and, in close cooperation with the TNO, appropriate test specifications were defined.

Evidence has thereby been provided that battery storage improves the safety of transmission network operation, even during heavy fluctuations like a generator or interconnector trip. Now that the BELECTRIC EBU has successfully passed prequalification, Vattenfall can market the Alt Daber energy storage system as part of its frequency response pool. Services from the EBU will
be offered on the frequency response market on a weekly basis. Due to rising prices in this market over the last three years, attractive business models are now appearing for the use of energy storage therein.

With its Energy Buffer Unit, BELECTRIC delivers a state-of-the-art battery based energy storage system in a container solution. The EBU is shipped with power inverter and medium voltage transformer and features a nameplate power between 800kW and 1400kW, depending on configuration.

It has a storage capacity of 948 kWh and is available starting at 560,000 EURO. It can be prequalified for frequency response on the German transmission network with up to 650 kW, taking into account reserve capacity required by the German TNOs.

The advanced lead-acid batteries were developed for a long service life and high cycling stability for high performance applications. Thanks to standardization, the serially produced BELECTRIC EBU is the most cost-effective utility scale energy storage system currently available on the market for frequency response and other cyclic applications.

Derick Lila
Derick is a Clark University graduate—and Fulbright alumni with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, and Policy. He has over a decade of solar industry research, marketing, and content strategy experience.

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