Texas — BLUETTI, a leading figure in the energy storage industry, proudly announces the launch of the BLUETTI Solar+ Program, an all-encompassing solar and battery home power solution designed specifically for Texas homeowners. Commencing on December 22, this initiative is poised to revolutionize the adoption of solar energy by offering a seamless, cost-effective, and hassle-free transition to sustainable power for residents across Texas.

“Embarking on the solar journey promises enduring financial and environmental benefits. However, the intricate processes involving research, paperwork, and coordination among multiple parties can be daunting,” explains Francisco Wang, VP of Business Development at BLUETTI.

Recent surveys reveal that 30% of potential consumers are deterred from embracing solar energy due to the complexities inherent in system selection, bureaucratic paperwork, and the associated miscellaneous tasks. This data underscores the urgent need for simplified processes and clearer information dissemination to encourage broader solar energy adoption.

BLUETTI Solar + emerges as the beacon illuminating a swift and effortless path toward residential solar adoption in Texas.

Streamlined All-in-One Solution

When Texas homeowners opt for BLUETTI Solar +, they are promised a tailored and stress-free experience. During the initial consultation, BLUETTI’s energy consultants meticulously analyze customers’ energy requirements, preferences, and site specifics, offering customized configurations for solar panels and battery storage systems. Utilizing advanced software, BLUETTI provides customers with a comprehensive view of their post-installation residence, financial returns, and backup duration of their solar battery system.

Flexible financing options are also available upon request. Once customers approve the proposal, a dedicated BLUETTI Solar + project manager oversees the design, permitting process, paperwork completion, buildout, troubleshooting, and inspector quality assurance, ensuring a seamless journey.

“Through BLUETTI’s holistic solution, users can simply sit back and relax as their project manager manages everything,” Wang adds.

An Affordable Path to Energy Independence

BLUETTI Solar + not only offers a rapid and straightforward process but also delivers substantial economic advantages. Leveraging decades of expertise in renewable energy, BLUETTI optimizes cost efficiency by integrating various industry sources, passing on these benefits to customers.

The company ensures a competitive end price, allowing customers to secure a comprehensive solar and battery solution from BLUETTI while investing only in the cost of a single solar system—without any compromise on quality or service.

“By embracing BLUETTI Solar +, homeowners can harness free solar energy to power their homes during the night and in power outages. Notably, even in non-NEM policy-bound areas of Texas, homes blessed with abundant sunlight can convert surplus solar energy into a lucrative revenue stream by selling it to BLUETTI partners. BLUETTI’s simplified approach transforms homeowners from energy consumers to producers, offering potential financial rewards and enabling them to achieve energy independence,” explains Brian Schercliffe, Director of HESS Sales at BLUETTI.

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