Brazil’s Roraima plans 25-MW solar plant in Bonfim city

SeeNews Renewables — Roraima’s state Special Secretariat of Institutional Articulation and Investment Promotion (Seapi) is studying the implementation of a 25-MW solar project in Bonfim city.

The Lavrado Solar Park is expected to be constructed in two phases over five years. The intention is to install 5 MW in the first two years and the remaining 20 MW in the following three years.

At the moment, the unnamed entrepreneur interested in the project already has investors for partnerships and is seeking licenses from the Roraima’s Office of Land and Colonization (Iteraima), as well as talking to the state Energy Company Cerr for future energy sale contracts, said secretary Joao Alberto Pizzolatti Junior.

The official, after a visit to Bonfim last Sunday, had an optimistic assessment of the place, highlighting that the area has very high irradiation.

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