Buffett starts an energy revolution. BP announces a “net zero” plan. India needs more solar power.

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In this week’s edition of News Watch, we have stories from Warren Buffett, BP, a story from QZ on India, and a report by Voice Of America about an NGO installing solar panels in maternity wards in Zimbabwe.

01. Warren Buffett has started the biggest energy revolution
Last September, Warren Buffett struck a historic deal marking the beginning of the biggest disruption in energy since the First Industrial Revolution. His NV Energy company signed a deal with Los Angeles’ government to build America’s biggest solar farm. Last month, the project was also green-lit by the Trump administration.

02. BP has announced a “net zero” emissions plan
In the latest move, BP announced its “ambition” to eliminate emissions from its operations, as well as from the oil and gas it directly extracts, by 2050. That would add up to more than 400 million metric tons of annual carbon dioxide emissions. “It directly addresses all the carbon we get out of the ground,” just-appointed CEO Bernard Looney said in a statement.

03. India needs nearly 30 times more solar power to phase out coal jobs
Climate change-induced disasters are a new normal across the world. A magic pill that is prescribed to combat these impacts is complete phasing out of coal and transitioning to renewable power. A recent study has now revealed that India would need to scale up its current solar capacity to nearly 30 times, or about 1,000 gigawatts, to transition about half a million people directly working in coal mines.

04. U.S. NGO installs solar panels in maternity wards in Zimbabwe
Staff and patients celebrated at Beatrice Government Hospital this week after a U.S. charity known as We Care Solar installed solar power in the medical center’s labor and maternity wards. The hospital is one of more than 200 institutions that have benefited from the $3 million project by the California-based NGO.

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