California makes history with landmark 100% clean energy goal

The California Assembly passed legislation that would make the state’s power sector entirely carbon-free by the year 2045.

The “Senate Bill 100” or SB 100 passed the Assembly floor with 43 votes (of 80) and heads to Governor Brown to be signed into law.

Authored by outgoing State Senator Kevin de León, SB 100 raises California’s renewable energy target to 60 percent by 2030 with interim targets and gives the state until 2045 to generate the rest of its electricity from carbon-free sources.

The CA100 coalition ( drove more than 70,000 calls, emails, postcards, petition signatures and in-person meetings with Assembly members in support of SB 100.

Utilities in the state oppose the effort, with Pacific Gas and Electric telling the Wall Street Journal the legislation is “poorly timed.”

The bill must be passed by the Senate before heading to Gov. Jerry Brown, who supports the effort and is likely to sign it.

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