Canada’s 2019 federal elections will mark a win for clean energy

Canadian voters are increasingly in favor of decarbonizing, as the public’s frustration with irresponsible fossil fuel development grows

In less than 100 days, Canadian voters will head to the polls to decide the next 4-year mandate. Likely, this means choosing between Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, or Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives.

For many businesses, the familiar feeling of election uncertainty looms in the air. Industries which are supported primarily along partisan lines, such as renewable energy, know that a changing mandate often forecasts trouble.

Frequent policy changes tend to create uncertainty in markets, which can stunt industry growth. Since climate change, and as an extension, solar energy, have become partisan issues, a change in government could mean sudden destruction of industry support.

To varying degrees, Canadian left-wing parties are supportive of incentives to increase solar production and reduce emissions.

In contrast, the right-wing parties generally favor reducing or eliminating support for clean energy. With this contentious split in policy, it’s not hard to understand why clean energy business owners and investors become wary during election times.

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