Canada’s city of Prince George, B.C—installs solar-power parking lot

The City of Prince George, B.C has partnered with construction company YCS Holdings Ltd. to install a 20 square metre segment of solar-panel pavement that connects to City Hall.

The project, which comes at no cost to Prince George, is a partnership with Wattway solar panels, which approached the city with the idea.

The solar panels are fixed directly to the pavement — and because they are only millimeters thick, installation doesn’t require any additional construction.

The electricity generated is helping meet the City Hall’s energy needs while supplying additional power for other uses such as offsetting energy requirements for electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot.

The Wattway solar road technology was developed by Colas Group, a French civil engineering firm headquartered in Paris.

The project was funded by YCS Holdings Ltd. and Wattway, which are subsidiaries of Colas.

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