Canadian electric utility testing Tesla batteries on electrical system

Nova Scotia Power is testing Tesla batteries in a pilot project

Nova Scotia Power is exploring how energy storage can be used to provide a more reliable power supply.

The Powerpack system, each about the size of an enclosed portable toilet, have been installed at an electrical substation in Elmsdale, N.S.

“The system can power approximately 300 homes and will be used in various situations, including power outages,” Jill Searle, the NSP’s Smart Grid manager.

“We would expect a battery like this, during a cold winter night, to perhaps last for a two-hour duration, but in the summertime when it’s a little lightly loaded, we could expect the battery to last for much longer,” she added.

Nova Scotia Power Inc. is a vertically integrated electric utility in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is privately owned by Emera and regulated by the provincial government via the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

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