Chile to evaluate 6-MW PV project near Santiago

SeeNews Renewables — Chile’s environmental authorities on Wednesday agreed to evaluate a 6.25-MW photovoltaic (PV) project of PV Luma SpA in Colina, Metropolitan region of Santiago.

PV Luma, linked to Spanish Solventus SL in Chile, will invest USD 13.5 million (EUR 12.6m) to install the PV Luma 1 park during six months in 2016. The output of the plant will be delivered to a local 23-kV line of power distributor Chilectra.

In the same region, the authorities will evaluate another 9-MW PV project proposed by Solventus through PV Intimicha SpA. Both projects are located in rural areas close to existing distribution infrastructure.

In June, Solventus received environmental approval to develop a 180-MW PV park in the Antofagasta region.

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