China and India want all cars to go electric

Bloomberg reports that China plans to end the sale of internal combustion vehicles, though it’s not yet clear when the ban will start.

“The implementation of the ban for such a big market like China can be later than 2040,” said Liu Zhijia, an assistant general manager at Chery Automobile Co., the country’s biggest passenger car exporter that unveiled a new line for upscale battery-powered and plug-in hybrid models at the Frankfurt motor show last week.

“That will leave plenty of time for everyone to prepare.”

India plans to electrify all new vehicles by 2030, with a detailed explanation of how it will happen expected by the end of the year.

The two huge markets would join the U.K. and France in making such commitments.

These are just the kinds of policy shifts that, as we’ve argued before, are the only way to make electric vehicles pervasive.

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