Climate change could cost the US up to 10.5% of its GDP by 2100, study finds

“Extreme weather events, cuts to worker productivity and other effects of climate change could cause major global economic losses unless greenhouse gas emissions are significantly curtailed in the next few decades,” reports the Washington Post.

The new study, published as a working paper in the National Bureau of Economic Research, warns that under a high-emissions scenario, warming would cause a 7.2% cut to GDP per capita worldwide by 2100, the article notes.

It continues: “In contrast, if countries were to cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris climate agreement, then such effects could be limited to closer to a 1.1% loss in GDP per capita.”

A study author tells the Post that the “United States will be one of the countries that will suffer the most” with as much as a 10.5% cut in real income by 2100.

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