BETHEL, Conn. — Integration has been completed and the Solar-Log® & GE Meters by Solar Data Systems, Inc. are officially reporting for Connecticut’s Residential Solar Investment Program (RSIP) through Connecticut Green Bank.

As a local, qualified Performance Meter Provider, Solar-Log® will provide solar photovoltaic monitoring services for ratepayers who are participating in the RSIP.

The Connecticut Green Bank provides incentives to offset the cost of homeowner investment, making solar power an affordable choice for CT homeowners. Green Bank completed extensive review of the Solar-Log® & GE Meter’s accuracy, compatibility with the reporting platform, and in accordance with the strict guidelines set-up through the RSIP, and approved Solar Data Systems, Inc. as a Qualified Performance Meter Provider in July of this year. The data collected from the Solar-Log® & GE meters is now set up to be reported to Green Bank’s platform to determine the total PV yield. The Solar-Log® & GE Meters are ANSI certified, revenue grade meters with better than 0.2% accuracy.

“We are pleased to now be fully integrated through the Green Bank reporting platform right here in Connecticut, home of our U.S. headquarters,” says Anton Kaeslin, President of Solar Data Systems, Inc., “Our commitment to the local solar industry as well as the economy is evidenced by the Solar-Log® & GE Meters, manufactured entirely in the U.S. with the greater part being manufactured in Connecticut.”

Solar Data Systems, Inc. has installed a number of Solar-Log® & GE Meters in most major solar PV markets in the U.S. The Solar-Log® & GE Meters are simple plug and play units which require very little time for on-site installation and are very easy to use. Solar-Log® has a well-trained technical support team in Bethel to help both installers and PV plant owners with installation and troubleshooting the meters. The Solar-Log® & GE Meters have proven to be a convenient solution for monitoring today’s U.S. residential solar PV plants. The product includes both a cellular data plan and subscription for the online Solar-Log® WEB monitoring portal for 5 years.

About Solar Data Systems, Inc.
Solar Data Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of Solar-Log®, a web-enabled monitoring system for photovoltaic plants. Based in Bethel, Connecticut, Solar Data Systems, Inc. enables plant owners to maximize plant performance and increase ROI. The Solar-Log® product family monitors plant performance, provides real-time error detection, delivers automatic & comprehensive status information, and offers revenue-grade metering for incentive reporting. Solar-Log® is a global leader monitoring over 235,000 plants through nearly 1 million connected inverters with a generating power of over 10 GW. Solar Data Systems is a fully owned subsidiary of Solare Datensysteme GmbH, based in Binsdorf, Germany. Solare Datensysteme GmbH was acquired by BKW AG in September 2015. BKW AG is an international energy and infrastructure business headquartered in Bern. The BKW’s distribution grid, the largest in Switzerland, provides one million people with a reliable supply of power.

Derick Lila
Derick is a Clark University graduate—and Fulbright alumni with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, and Policy. He has over a decade of solar industry research, marketing, and content strategy experience.

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