Edmonton Public School board wants solar on district schools

Edmonton public school trustees hope Alberta accepts their request for more than $50 million in funding to put solar panels on district schools.

The Edmonton Journal reports on a unanimous vote by the board to request an audience with the ministers of education, infrastructure and the environment to ask them to fund a plan projected to save about $4 million a year in electricity costs.

“We’re not only saving money and lowering our carbon footprint as a district, but we’re providing that environmental education opportunity,” Vice-chairwoman Bridget Stirling said. “Our students, and kids in our schools, they are our guide. It is time that these panels are there. They know it, we know it and the potential of this is huge”.

Trustee Trisha Estabrooks also said she was surprised when a Grade 3 student told her he was surprised schools didn’t already have solar panels.

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