Energy Freedom Coalition Launches Arizona Shines To Protect Arizona Rooftop Solar

PHOENIX — The Energy Freedom Coalition of America (EFCA) launched Arizona Shines, a new coalition dedicated to protecting access to rooftop solar in Arizona.

In its first effort to show Arizona’s strong support for rooftop solar, Arizona Shines is launching the “Arizona Solar Pledge,” which will allow signers to demonstrate their support for energy choice and add their names to the growing coalition determined to protect Arizona rooftop solar customers from monopoly utility attacks.

Arizona Shines spokesperson Bob Greenlee released the following statement today announcing the Arizona Solar Pledge to protect Arizona’s rooftop solar customers:

“Arizona Shines envisions a future in which every person has the ability to generate their own energy. We believe a distributed grid is the next chapter in our energy story. Rooftop solar in Arizona faces a wide range of utility-backed threats: from anti-solar business legislation, to unprecedented requests from Arizona’s utilities to impose new charges on solar customers. Collectively, these threats share one objective: to drive rooftop solar out of Arizona.

“Arizona Shines and the signers of the Arizona Solar Pledge will fight for Arizona’s rooftop solar—for homeowners, for solar workers, and for everyone to have the right to choose their own energy. Arizona Shines will demonstrate to the Arizona Corporation Commission and to the broader political community that the people of Arizona stand with rooftop solar and energy choice. If we don’t, we’ll lose one of Arizona’s greatest job-creating industries—and we’ll lose our freedom to drive Arizona’s growth.”

Energy Freedom Coalition of America is a national advocacy organization that seeks to promote public awareness of the benefits of solar and alternative energy through public advocacy.

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