First ever LG Chem Battery installed in the United States

The 10kWh, lithium-ion LG Chem battery is the first to be installed in the continental United States by Sullivan Solar Power.

Installed at the Keefe residence in Carlsbad, this battery is the exact same type of battery used in over 700,000 electric vehicles on the roads today.

“This is solar power of the future, today,” said Daniel Sullivan, founder, and president of Sullivan Solar Power.

“We’re trying to move away from fossil fuels, and we now have the technology to make homes invisible to the grid, power your car and business and it’s less expensive than sticking with the dirty utility company.”

The LG Chem battery and the Panasonic Powerwall remain the two most popular batteries in the state of California. Panasonic batteries are incorporated into the Tesla Powerwall.

Sullivan Solar Power is the top statewide developer for LG Chem, securing just under $600,000 in rebates for their customers.

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