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California — GAF Energy announced the completion of its largest-ever residential solar roofing system. The more than 31-kilowatt system was installed by GAF Energy partner Anbe Roofing, one of the Bay area’s most prominent roofing and waterproofing service providers.

The system, installed on a private home in Portola Valley, California, will produce 50,455-kilowatt hours of clean energy annually and save the homeowner an estimated $271,484 in electricity costs during the expected 25-year system lifetime. GAF Energy recently announced the build-out of a new 112,000 square foot R&D and manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA.


GAF Energy’s Largest-Ever Residential Solar Roof Completed in California. (GAF Energy)

“Typically, installing a new roof this size would require significant additional technical and labor support for completion–not to mention the extra planning and hours needed to add on a solar system atop the new roof,” said Joseph Andrews of Anbe Roofing. “Thanks to the streamlined design and build of the GAF Energy solar roof kit, this install was fast and easy for our team. It snaps together like a simple puzzle and looks amazing. You would never know we installed the largest GAF Energy system to date given how quick and seamless the process was.”

“Solar roofs are the future and we’re proud to partner with Anbe Roofing to make that future reality,” said Keally DeWitt, vice president of marketing and public policy for GAF Energy. “Anbe demonstrated their expertise on this project, providing the customer with a durable, reliable, and innovative roof-integrated solar solution that will save the customer significant money. We look forward to our continued work with local roofing partners, like Anbe, across the country.”

GAF Energy empowers roofing contractors across the U.S. to sell and install solar roofing systems. The GAF Energy solar system combines innovative, attractive, and affordable solar technology with fast, reliable installation. Designed to provide a good-looking, low-profile alternative to standard rack-mounted solar panels — which are typically drilled through the roof’s shingles — GAF Energy solar integrates directly with the roofing system and requires no penetration of the roofing membrane. High-efficiency solar panels in the system optimize power output and provide a matching color profile to the roof to maximize aesthetic appeal, with robust flashing and a sleek black perimeter shield.

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