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Germany — Q CELLS announced that it has entered into a license agreement with a German solar module manufacturer to allow the company access to Q CELLS’ patent-protected solar cell passivation technology.

The terms of the agreement remain confidential between the two parties.

The solar module manufacturer in question acknowledges both the validity of the Q CELLS patent and also the high performance and reliability of the passivation technology developed and patented by Q CELLS. This license agreement demonstrates the strength of Q CELLS’ patented technology, which is currently the subject of patent infringement proceedings against other competitors.

The licence agreement further validates Q CELLS’ leadership in solar R&D and its commitment to supporting a fair, cooperative and competitive solar industry.

Dr. Daniel Jeong, CTO of Q CELLS, said: “As a pioneer in the solar industry, Q CELLS has a long R&D history of developing industry-leading technology, and has taken several actions to protect our intellectual property rights over the course of the past two years.

“In doing so, Q CELLS has always strived to protect a fair and healthy competition for the best technology in solar industry. Now, we are very glad to take a major step forward together with this German solar manufacturer to establish this fair competition environment, which is an important prerequisite for the sustainable growth of the solar industry.”

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