Canadian company builds resi solar inverter that’s also a bi-directional EV charger—and storage system

It seems we now have one product that can charge your electric vehicle, act as an inverter for your solar panel system, and can power your home in case of a blackout.


DCBEL is a Canadian tech startup that raised $40 million in funding from investors including Coatue Management, Real Ventures, WTI and Narrative Fund as it rolled out its flagship product—the r16—a … sort of … solar inverter?

“It’s also what we call a bi-directional EV charger so for the first time, this charger can not only charge your car faster, but we can use the car to send power back to your home. It can isolate the home and power it during a blackout,” said Marc André Forget, CEO of DCBEL in an interview with David Dodge of Green Energy Futures.

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