Google announced plans to spend $150 million on renewable energy projects

The tech giant predicts its initial investment will catalyze about USD $1.5 billion of investment in renewables globally

Google is an internet-related service and products company. It is considered one of the “Big Four” technology giants, alongside Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.

What Happened?

The Internet giant has pledged to invest around USD 150 million in renewable energy projects, either in the form of new wind or solar plants or in extensions to existing projects across its key manufacturing regions.

The company predicts its initial investment will catalyze around USD $1.5 billion of investments in renewables globally.

Why It Matters!

This level of funding, it claims, could generate renewable energy equivalent to the amount it consumes across its global manufacturing operations.

“It’s not just about what products we build, but how we build them; when designing Google hardware like the Nest Mini or Wifi, we’re always thinking about how to create products that leave people, the planet and our communities better than we found them,” Google’s head of sustainability for consumer hardware, Anna Meegan, said.

Google has also pledged that it will use carbon reduction and offsetting to ensure that all ‘Made By Google’ products include some proportion of recycled materials and to make all customer shipments carbon-neutral by 2022.

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