How a German start-up is helping add more renewables to the grid

The “global energy transition”, the move to sources such as solar power, is set to have a long-lasting impact. Intelligent grids that can cope with the large-scale adoption of renewables will be important in the years ahead.

In Cologne, Germany, one start-up wants to aid the transition with a range of tools. Founded in 2017, Envelio is a spin-off from research undertaken at RWTH Aachen University. While at the university, the company’s founders developed software and algorithms related to the planning and operation of energy networks.

“Our main aim at Envelio is to drive the digital transformation of energy grids forwards because … That’s a crucial step which is needed for (a) successful energy transition,” Simon Koopman, CEO, and co-founder of the business, told CNBC’s “Sustainable Energy.”

“If we want to integrate renewables on a massive scale — and also charging points — into our energy system then it doesn’t work without a digital transformation of the grids,” Koopman added.

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