HPQ Silicon Resources Inc. (TSX-V: HPQ) is a Canadian producer of Innovative Silicon Solutions, based in Montreal, building a portfolio of unique high-value specialty silicon products needed for the coming RER.

MONTREAL, QC, Aug. 30th, 2019 (Originally Published Aug 19th, 2019) /PVBUZZ MEDIA/ — HPQ Silicon Resources Inc. – TSX-V: HPQ; OTCPink: URAGF; FWB: UGE – (“HPQ” or “the Company”) is pleased to present the market with key metrics on the impact of the Company’s progress since the H2 2018 closing of a CDN$ 5,250,000 financing and provide guidance for H2 2019 for the PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR) technology.

Since the 2015 commencement of the Company’s quest to improve the global economics and supply concerns of the Silicon market, the PUREVAP™ project has reached several substantial operational milestones:

1. Unique Proprietary Capability of converting low-quality inputs into high purity Silicon (Si) 2;
2. Production yields may exceed 90% of input material;
3. Demonstrating to the market that the technology functions as expected.

The potential economic implications for the global downstream Silicon market and shareholders is extremely significant in that the HPQ PUREVAP™ QRR technology may:

1. Reduce raw material cost by 50%, representing a direct 20% reduction in OPEX;
2. Reduce HPQ Silicon Manufacturing CAPEX by 90% or more versus all other manufacturers.

The addressable market for PUREVAP™ Silicon (“Si”) is enormous with applications growing beyond just solar.

The market for standard grade material is estimated to increase from US$ 7.5B in 2018 to US$ 12B in 20237.

The global solar energy market is forecasted by Deutsche Bank to grow 10x by 2035 to be a US $ 400B industry. The Solar Grade Silicon (“SoG-Si”) sub-market is expected to grow from the US $7.1B to US $11.8B by 20288.

Although not commercialized it is well publicized that silicon could replace graphite anodes in lithium batteries. As reported by CNBC, private Venture Capital-backed firms are exploring the use of silicon in batteries and are positioning to provide the auto industry with the solutions it needs to substantially improve vehicle performance.

Presently, Silicon content in lithium-ion battery anodes is roughly 6% and is estimated to represent an addressable market value of US $ 1B by 20229. If Silicon replaces other materials in batteries, this new addressable market will grow exponentially.

Bernard Tourillon, President & CEO of HPQ Silicon Resources Inc. stated: “HPQ is ready to solve the real-world challenges facing Silicon markets today. We are ready to start commercializing our PUREVAP™ QRR technology. We are aiming to completely revolutionize the economics of the $24B industry and create significant cash flow.” Mr. Tourillon continued: “In the coming months we will be meeting with end-users to see exactly what specs they will be needing for their applications and tweaking our output for them.”

In H2 of 2019, the Company anticipates that the Gen3 Pilot Plant will be operational and should prove scalability. Throughout H2 the Company will be meeting with industry participants and, by the end of H2, start sending test material from the Gen2 unit with a goal of booking orders for material produced by the Gen3 Pilot Plant, as soon as operationally feasible.

About HPQ Silicon
HPQ Silicon Resources Inc. is a TSX-V listed company developing, in collaboration with industry leader PyroGenesis (TSX-V: PYR) the innovative PUREVAPTM “Quartz Reduction Reactors” (QRR), a truly 2.0 Carbothermic process (patent pending), which will permit the transformation and purification of quartz (SiO2) into Metallurgical Grade Silicon (Mg-Si) at prices that will propagate it significant renewable energy potential.

HPQ is also working with industry leader Apollon Solar to develop a metallurgical pathway of producing Solar Grade Silicon Metal (SoG Si) that will take full advantage of the PUREVAPTM QRR one-step production of high purity silicon (Si) and reduce significantly the Capex and Opex associated with the transformation of quartz (SiO2) into SoG-Si.

HPQ’s focus is becoming the lowest cost producer of Silicon (Si), High Purity Silicon (Si) and Solar Grade Silicon Metal (SoG-Si). The pilot plant equipment that will validate the commercial potential of the process is on schedule to start in 2019.

Derick Lila
Derick is a Clark University graduate—and Fulbright alumni with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, and Policy. He has over a decade of solar industry research, marketing, and content strategy experience.

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