IKEA starts installing over 5,000 solar panels on its Alberta store locations

Ikea has started on a path to become 100 percent circular and climate-positive in its operations with the start of two solar projects at its locations in Alberta.

Ikea locations in Edmonton and Calgary will be receiving a combined 5,100 solar panels.

The Edmonton location will be taking the lion’s share with 2,905 panels that, once installed, will be one of the largest commercial rooftop solar systems in the city, and expected production of 1,180-megawatt hours (MWh), making it among the most productive systems owned by IKEA Canada.

At a capacity of 840 kilowatts (kW), the IKEA Edmonton system will offset approximately 878 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Calgary will be outfitted with the remaining 2,240 panels.

The 660kW IKEA Calgary system is expected to produce 1,000 MWh, offsetting approximately 744 tonnes of C02 emissions per year.

These panels will produce enough electricity to supply 25 percent of the voltage needed for the company’s operations in Alberta.

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  1. 2,905 panels that, once installed, will produce 1,180 megawatts of energy per year.

    Please fix this statement. It is very misleading. These modules once installed will combine to provide about 1 MW of power, but you can’t say how much energy is produced per year without a unit such as KWh or MWh.

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