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California — The solar industry is facing rapid growth, but with growth comes challenges. Customer expectations are sky-high, and one unhappy customer can be costly in terms of cancellations, bad reviews, and loss of referrals.

Bodhi understands these challenges and is excited to announce the launch of Bodhi Free, a game-changing solution that enables solar installers to streamline customer communications without any cost.

Why Bodhi Free?

Bodhi Free is a free version of the Bodhi platform, tailored to meet the immediate needs of solar teams facing customer communications challenges.

It requires no payment, integration, or CRM — it’s free forever. Designed to set solar installers up for success from day one, Bodhi Free eliminates the cumbersome set-up process that is commonly associated with most software solutions.

With Bodhi Free, solar installers can immediately start improving their customer communications.

The platform offers a suite of communications tools that help operations teams keep customers informed and satisfied. In return, companies enjoy fewer cancellations, increased referrals, and higher ratings in customer reviews.

Key Features and Capabilities

Unified Inbox for Customer Communications: All customer emails and text messages are available in one place, making outreach streamlined and efficient.

Prioritized Outreach: Easily see how long it’s been since a customer received a message, and prioritize accordingly.

Consistent Messaging: Use pre-built and custom templates to ensure all customers receive the same level of service.

Branded Customer Portal: Provide customers with a branded app where they can track their project, view communications, and access important documents.

Document Sharing: Simplify the document sharing process by keeping everything in one place.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Identify which customers may need extra attention and those who are likely to provide positive reviews.

Optimized Review and Referral Requests: Increase the likelihood of positive reviews and customer referrals with a single click.

Dedicated Customer Experience (CX) Specialist: Receive day-one support from an expert to help you make the most of your Bodhi Free account.

Bodhi Free is perfect for solar installers just starting out, while Bodhi Starter and Bodhi Pro offer more advanced features for growing businesses. Bodhi Free supports up to 5 new projects a month, Bodhi Starter has no project cap, and Bodhi Pro provides full automation of the customer journey.

How to Get Started?

Getting started with Bodhi Free is simple. Visit the website to create an account and gain immediate access to the platform, including a quickstart guide to help you set up your company’s branding.

With no credit card or commitment required, Bodhi Free is genuinely free forever. Start delivering exceptional customer experiences now.

More information:
Bodhi is committed to driving success in the solar industry by providing robust solutions for customer communications. With a track record of helping solar installers streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction, Bodhi continues to innovate and support the sustainable growth of the industry.
Bodhi Solar
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