The largest floating solar in California has been acquired by C2 Energy Capital

The floating system was installed on the surface of the largest recycled water in the Town of Windsor.

  • The floating system was installed on the surface of the largest recycled water in the Town of Windsor.
  • The project sells its output under a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the town itself.
  • The system uses Ciel & Terre's Hydrelio technology to float a grid of 4,959 solar modules.

New York — C2 Energy Capital LLC has purchased California’s largest floating solar project from Ciel & Terre®, one of the leading companies developing and building such systems.

“The acquisition of this advanced floating solar system further diversifies and strengthens our power-generation portfolio,” said Candice Michalowicz, co-founder and managing partner of C2 Energy Capital. “C2 Energy Capital continues to lead by adopting novel photovoltaic technologies that reduce greenhouse gasses and generate clean renewable energy.”

Located in Windsor, California, the 1.78-megawatt system uses Ciel & Terre’s patented Hydrelio® technology to float a grid of 4,959 high-performance solar modules on the surface of the Town of Windsor’s largest recycled water storage pond. The system covers 22% of the pond’s surface and can be easily expanded. Cooled by the underlying water, the array helps slow surface evaporation and algae growth with no impact on the pond’s ecology.

As part of the project, the Town of Windsor has signed a 25-year power purchase agreement that will demonstrate substantial savings. The system generates approximately 90% of the energy needed for water reclamation and associated operations and will reduce the facilities’ electricity costs by 30% compared to grid services.

“The Town is proud and excited to have clean renewable energy power Windsor’s water treatment plant. It aligns with the Town’s Climate Action Plan energy efficiency goals. This move helps to protect our environment, improve public health, and save the Town millions of dollars.” – Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli

“We’re on track to save $5.4 million in electric costs over the next 25 years,” said Ken MacNab, Windsor Town Manager. “We’re happy to have a customer-focused partner in C2 Energy Capital—committed to strong relationships and long-term success.”

“Collaborating with a leading developer and asset owner like C2 Energy Capital helps to streamline financing on large projects,” says Eva Pauly-Bowles, Ciel & Terre managing director. “It’s especially critical when implementing our floating PV systems that are relatively new in the U.S. compared to Asia and Europe.”

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