China — LONGi has launched the Hi-MO X6 Max series at its Jiaxing factory, marking the facility’s first public event since achieving ‘lighthouse’ status.

The Hi-MO X6 Max series is LONGi’s first major transition to rectangular silicon wafers (wafer size: 182.2×191.6mm; module size: 2382×1134mm). The company says it designed the series for distributed PV customers, incorporating ‘TaiRay Inside’ and HPBC cell technologies for improved stability, reliability, and power generation efficiency.

Mass production began this quarter, with all mainstream products expected to transition by Q3 2024, ensuring a stable supply exceeding 30GW.

In July 2023, nine manufacturers agreed on new standard dimensions for rectangular silicon wafers and modules. In August 2023, six manufacturers, including LONGi, standardized 72-cell rectangular silicon wafers (size: 182.2mm x 191.6mm; diagonal: 262.5mm).

Standardizing sizes reduces supply chain risks, material waste, and installation errors, facilitating maintenance and management. The Hi-MO X6 Max series leverages these standards, enhancing customer benefits and reducing costs for engineering and material partners.

The 72-cell Hi-MO X6 Max reduces transportation costs by $0.61/kW and increases container utilization by 4.4%. The system installation cost is reduced by 3.57% (about $4.16/kW), and power generation revenue is increased by 0.1% due to reduced current transmission losses.

The Hi-MO X6 Max series integrates new TaiRay Inside and HPBC high-efficiency cell technologies. LONGi’s Jiaxing factory, recognized as a ‘Global Lighthouse’ by the World Economic Forum, employs advanced technologies like IIoT, Big Data, AI, and digital twinning to enhance intelligent manufacturing. The factory’s innovations have significantly reduced delivery cycles and energy consumption.

LONGi says it remains committed to technology-driven growth and supports the industry’s transition to high-quality, sustainable development.

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