Germany — REC Group has launched the Alpha Pro M Series solar modules, designed for commercial and industrial rooftop and ground mount solar projects in the United States.

They company says the Alpha Pro M Series offers peak power outputs ranging from 610 W to 640 W, utilizing advanced heterojunction cell technology (HJT).

Produced in Singapore, the modules boast 22.5% efficiency and come with a performance warranty of at least 92% in year 25. Each module features 120 half-cut bifacial HJT cells.

“For almost 30 years, REC has strived to combine high-efficiency technology with sustainable business practices. While high efficiencies will remain the number one criterion for choosing solar panels, longevity and sustainability should be considered if companies are serious about their environmental and social footprint,” said Cary Hayes, president of REC Americas.

The modules have a temperature coefficient of -0.24%/K, ensuring stable energy output even in high temperatures.

Additionally, the 1.2-inch thin frame design facilitates easy transportation, reducing costs and improving logistics efficiency.

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