Mass text messages in Ontario attempt to identify voters opposed to the carbon tax

OTTAWA — Many Ontarians received an automated text message over the weekend, asking if they agree that the carbon tax must be scrapped.

The message purports to be from “Sue” from a heretofore unknown group called Ontario Strong.

The mass text message read: “Hi, this is Sue from Ontario Strong. Do you agree that we must scrap the Carbon Tax? Respond: Yes No.” The phone number associated with the message is a landline in Belleville, Ont., according to a Canada411 search.

The message appears to be an attempt to identify voters who are opposed to the carbon tax imposed by the federal Liberals, presumably so they can be targeted during the election campaign this fall.

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  1. I got this text message on the carbon text from sue I answered no not to scrap it the answer couldn’t be delivered, so are they blocking the no and only accepting the yes, this shouldn’t be allowed I wouldn’t vote PC if they were the only government around

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