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The Massachusetts State House, also known as the Massachusetts Statehouse or the New State House, is the state capitol and seat of government for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, located in the Beacon Hill/Downtown neighborhood of Boston.

A comprehensive energy legislation passed by the Massachusetts state Senate would enable the state to run on 100-percent renewable power by 2047.

The goal would be reached by increasing the state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) by 3 percent every year, instead of the current 1 percent.

The RPS dictates how much renewable energy electrical utilities such as Eversource and National Grid must buy.

The ambitious Senate bill not just lifts — but removes — caps on non-governmental solar net metering.

It sets new 2030 and 2040 emission targets under the Global Warming Solutions Act; creates the framework for a revenue-neutral, market-based carbon fee; sets a 2,000-megawatt energy storage target, and opens the door to large renewable energy procurements in the offshore wind sector.

If the bill survives debate in the House of Representatives, it will be among the most progressive in the U.S.

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