Massachusetts startup believes they made the leap beyond lithium-ion

Quartz has a feature about a new battery developed by Pellion Technologies, a Massachusetts-based startup.

It claims it “has made the leap beyond lithium-ion that will bring the battery industry to the next stage of technological disruption. [CEO Dave Eaglesham] and his colleagues have accomplished something researchers have been struggling with for decades: they’ve built a reliable rechargeable lithium-metal battery.”

Quartz explains why this could be significant:

“Pellion’s battery can pack nearly double the energy of a conventional lithium-ion battery, making it able to, for example, double the time a drone can spend in the air. That 100% increase in energy density is a step change compared to the annual 10% or so improvement the battery industry currently averages. If Pellion overcomes early limitations, its batteries have the potential to power a Tesla car for 800 km (500 miles) on a single charge, rather than today’s upper limits of 400 km.”

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