180 mayors across the United States have resolved to make solar power a primary agenda in their cities.

The cross-party group of mayors drawn from 42 states, aim to encourage their local communities, large and small, to use more clean energy.

The group voiced their conviction in a letter released by Environment America:

We, the undersigned U.S. Mayors and local officials, resolve to make solar energy a key element of our communities’ energy plans.

Accelerating the growth of solar will reduce pollution while revitalizing our communities by creating jobs and keeping energy dollars in our local economies. Expanding solar power helps residents and businesses benefit from lower energy costs while providing more local control of energy and improving our communities’ resilience.

Therefore, solar energy can and should be a much larger part of our energy mix than it is today. The U.S. has the potential to produce 100 times more solar power than the total amount of energy we consume each year. We must continue to harness this vast source of clean energy for the benefit of all of our citizens.

As local leaders, we know that our communities are particularly well-suited to adopt solar power. Cities and towns are natural centers of electricity demand, have the rooftops and infrastructure needed for installing solar panels, and can craft policies to help residents and utilities make the switch to solar power. With a concerted effort underway on the state and federal levels to limit the growth of solar by fossil fuel special interests, communities like ours across the country need to act quickly to continue our progress toward renewable energy.

By signing this statement in support of solar, we commit to supporting efforts to advance solar energy in our local communities, states, and the nation.

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